New Year’s Resolution OR 1 Word?

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Need help solidifying, following through, remaining faithful to your New Year’s hopes, dreams and dare I say the word – resolution?  What if we whittled those massive ideas down to one simple word like a wood carver takes a piece of wood and whittles it into a masterful piece of art?

Last year, I was challenged to do this and I did.  My word for 2014 was FORWARD.  It propelled me onward when my hopes became dim.  It whispered, “Take the next step,” when my strength was waning. Choosing one word became my GPS, a focus, a catalyst for change, positive activity in my life where I hoped action would take place.

This year as I considered the idea of adopting a new word, I thought, “Why?”  FORWARD is such a great word.  It worked for me in so many areas of my life.  But clinging to the past is where we often get stuck, even with a motivating word like FORWARD.

As I paused to think about a new word.  Many great words popped into my mind… Grace, Live, Presence, Faith, Death.

Death? Yes, death came to my mind.

In late November, I attended 2 funerals within 7 days.  Two good friends had lost a parent, one her dad and the other her mom.  Little did I know that a few weeks later, on December 27th I would lose one of my spiritual mentors, the inspiration for my first book and the best mother-n-law a girl could ever have. A few weeks later, my sister called and she had lost her mother-n-law and another friend/partner in ministry lost their mom/mother –n – law.

When death occurs, it is natural to pause and contemplate whether our life reflects purpose.  Are we living with purpose or does one day merge into another without any meaning or any memories or any moments?

Gay, which was my mother-n-law’s name, was gay in its purest definition. She was happy, joyful and full of life.  She was inspiring, funny and enjoyed good food.  She was a 5 foot, 90 pound woman who served her family, her God and her community like she was a 6 foot, 160 pound man.  Gay lived 80 years full of meaning, memories and moments.

At Gay’s funeral and visitation we heard countless stories, moments of how her life impacted others.  Gay had lived right up to her last breath.  We laughed with her, we prayed with her, we shared with her. Her last meal was a piece of lemon ice box pie!Lemon Icebox Pie   When it was time for her last breath, she passed quietly from this life to the next. We are confident she did not miss a beat and with eyes wide open she stepped into heaven where she truly is living.


To live is to be aware, be conscious, to breathe.  Live is what I plan on doing this year.  To live with meaning, create memories and have more moments because I am aware and choose to be conscious.  I will let the word LIVE influence my actions, decisions, and the way I spend my time.

LIVE – “the person in right standing before God through loyal and steady believing is fully alive, really alive.” Habakkuk 2:4, MSG

What if we turned our New Year’s resolutions, hopes and ideas into actions that carried us through 2015 in ways that we remember and looked back with approval?

If you were to pick one word for 2015, what would your word be?



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