3 Questions to Ask While Waiting on God

I will take one Venti Solution with an extra shot of joy.  While God is into solutions, He is no Daddy Starbucks!  But that doesn’t keep me from acting like I am waiting in line to hear a divine “Next.”  “Me, Me – it’s Me Lord. Thank you so much for dying on the cross and all that, but here is what I need.  Thanks again and keep the change.”

Expecting an immediate resolve, an immediate answer for my situation that seems to have drawn out way longer than necessary, Paul Trip calls this “The Event vs. Process Mentality.”  When God doesn’t bring about the event and bring it about in a way acceptable to my terms, my commitment becomes shaky.  Doubt begins to replace my faith.

Many of the miracles that Jesus performed, he touched or spoke and the healing, the deliverance, the life transformed happened immediately.  Then there was the time where the servants had to follow Jesus’ instructions before the supply of wine was restocked at the wedding.  Lazarus had to get up and walk out of the tomb before he could begin to live.  There was the blind man who had to walk about 1,000 yards with mud on his eyes and wash the mud off before he could see.

We wait for God to act and wait for the event that will change everything, when sometimes God is waiting on us to join Him in the solution. 

While you wait ask yourself three questions.

  1. Is there anything God wants me to do, that I have not done?

Many of us over compensate, over achieve, working hard at making sure all our “t’s” are crossed and our “i’s” are dotted.  But have we stopped long enough to ask God, if there is something He would like us to do.  Listen for an answer.  Look for confirmation through the wise counsel of His Word and trusted friends.

  1. Is there anything I can be thankful for?

When we are entrenched in the pain of our situation, the situation can over power us clouding our perspective.  I am a believer that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.  A simple shift of gratefulness to even the smallest thing takes our focus off of our situation and on to God.

  1. Is there a better way I could be spending my time?

When we are waiting, if we are not busy trying to solve the situation our self, then we are often busy trying to avoid the pain from the situation.  We need to be careful of what we allow our mind to fixate on. Waiting can be exhausting.  Choose to spend time doing things that will refuel you.  Read your bible, pick that hobby back up, go for a walk, have coffee with a friend.

How you choose to wait can make a big difference.

Put these three questions on the repeat cycle and let the answers walk you through being a part of God’s solution.

The good news is there is no line to wait in with God.  He is ready to listen 24/7.  The solution you seek though, well…. God’s solution is always worth the wait!


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