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Janae grew up in Paragould, Arkansas. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from Arkansas State University and a Masters of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. She met her incredible husband, Tony, at seminary and after graduation moved to Florida where they served together as associate pastors at First Baptist Church, St. Petersburg. Janae was the Pastor of Adults and Tony the Pastor of Youth.

In 1997, Janae had an extraordinary experience that implanted into her heart a desire to write and a vision to impact women.

A couple of years later they moved to Sarasota, Florida, where they live today. Ministry took an exciting turn with the birth of their daughter Sydney and then their son Silas. Janae began to explore writing and pastoring women, while Tony served as the Youth Pastor at South Shore Community Church.

Tony and Janae ventured out on a faith limb, when in 2009 Tony felt called out of youth ministry into family ministry. In 2010 they became the cofounders of the nonprofit, Family Builders, www.gofamilybuilders.com. Janae served as the Director of Women’s Ministry for eight years SSCC. She is currently serving as Executive Director of Weekend Services and Tony is an elder.

In 2013, Janae completed the writing of the Bible study, Image Wearers to Image Bearers. She is enjoying the continuation of pastoring and serving women through speaking, blogging and getting the message out that women are co-image bearers who have a significant purpose in God’s plan.

It is Janae’s mission to help women become real through the transforming love of Jesus Christ!

Detailed Bio of Janae

Ibutterflies love


the color purple

the Creator of heaven and earth

I enjoy

baked brie

being in nature

the laughter of my children

I appreciate

my husband

being intentional

people bearing with one another

I long for


making more of a difference

women living free in all they were created to be