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2021 Winter on the Heals of Spring – Camp Update

Winter 2020/21 was a bit brutal with Covid making its mark. To be a super contagious virus, Covid swept through our family independently. Each of us have had it at different times avoiding catching it from each other.

Silas came down with it in October, after being exposed to someone who had it. He had a mild case and was going stir crazy by the end of his quarantine.

Sydney came down with it in early December, after being exposed to a few people who had it. She had a mild case of it and was stir crazy by the end of her quarantine.

Tony came down with it between Christmas and New Year’s, after being in direct contact with a friend on Christmas day who called the next day to inform us he thought he might have it. Tony also had a mild case of it and was stir crazy by the end of his quarantine.

I came down with it early December and I have no idea where I came across it. I did not have a mild case nor was I ever stir crazy. (Sydney was in Florida, if you are tracking the time table and we did not give it to each other.)

While I was thankful to not need hospital attention, I was sick for several days. The aches and fever came and went quickly. The congestion hung on for weeks and the exhaustion hung on even longer. The symptoms of losing my taste and smell was a short circuit experience, on and off for a few days. I had an after taste of metal in my mouth, which a much milder version is still present as I write this.

During the first couple of weeks, I found it difficult to focus on much of anything. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook was minimal. I slept through most binge watching attempts and reading was fruitless. My fogged brain could not even seem to focus on my usual practice of having a time of devotion through Bible reading and journaling.

Prayers were offered, but mostly whispers with no connecting thoughts. As I emerged back into the land of the living my conversations with God picked up long before I could pick up my Bible.

Ironically, one week before I came down with Covid, the word “rest” was a message God felt I needed to hear. On my sick bed, I wondered if this had been a foreshadowing of the involuntary rest that was to come. As my head began to clear from the Covid congestion, my soul knew the message was just the beginning.

My soul needed to rest and it needed to find a space of rest from which to exist.

Fire crackling and flames darting, I would lay on the couch and watch the dance happen on the stone laid stage of the fireplace. It was mesmerizing. I watched and listened as the Spirit stoked the embers of my soul. The places that needed to burn out, the places that needed to be acknowledged and the places that needed to be fanned.

Hurry needed to leave. Acceptance of my struggle with seasonal depression needed to be dealt with. Passions God had instilled in me needed to be rekindled. Like adjusting the logs on the fire my life had a few things needing to be rearranged.

For now it is daily light therapy, increased workouts at the gym and regular counseling to help me manage the depression without medication. I am searching for the correlation between rest and people pleasing and approval and ruthless eliminating hurry. I am moving forward with a few of the God promptings.

In 2019, I took a job as a Leadership Coach with Chick-fil-A. During 2020, there were different events that seemed to be pointing me towards going on my own as a Professional and Personal Coach. I continue to do Leadership coaching part time for Chick-fil-A and work part time at our church as the Guest Experience Coordinator. Out of the Covid calamity though, I decided to begin taking the next step in being a Professional coach and have begun seeing private clients.

Although I resisted the idea at first, I have grown to love assisting people through the platform of coaching. When people are frustrated with an area of their life professionally or personally, I can help them move towards solutions and desired results.

I have helped leadership teams run more effective meetings. Time management, stress management, boundaries, goal setting and organization are a few of the most common areas of frustration I help people grow in.

JSC Life and Leadership Coaching is on a referral basis and I appreciate your prayers on this new venture as well as any referrals of friends and coworkers who could benefit from coaching. Anyone interested can email me at and ask for more information about coaching.

Overall the direction and promptings God stirred in me this winter remain in process. Spring is around the corner and I anticipate these growing pains will find their way into future blogs in hopes they will bring encouragement to you.

I do plan on continuing the God’s Word Gives Hope blog and you can look forward to new content coming soon.

It is hard to believe it was a year ago that the country/world began to shut down. It has been quite a year for many and the Camps are no different.

Silas has had a year of bouncing between online learning, hybrid class schedule and mandatory quarantines. An in person outdoor late prom looks hopeful and along with an actual graduation ceremony for the class of 2021. ACTs and SATs were delayed but taken. Scholarships and college applications are being filled out with a few acceptance letters received, but no decisions made yet.

Sydney has had a year of transitions. Despite being down with Covid, she managed to graduate from USF in December with a degree in hospitality and a minor in business. Reluctantly, she has entered into the world of “adulting.” She landed a solid first job and has moved into a cute newly renovated rental home.

Tony has had a year of dealing with the challenges of ministering to families amidst the Covid crisis. Our church opened in August with limited capacity and he has led his teams in serving our Crosspoint families well.

The Camps are blessed. We are grateful for your love and support for us and as always we cherish your prayers.



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