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Seminars & Coaching Packages


Developing an Attitude of Professionalism

Your people, whether veterans or young and inexperienced, will learn to embrace an attitude of professionalism that will bolster your team’s culture and benefit your customers. Great attitude great culture. 

Time: 45-Minute Seminar

Cost: $250

How to Have Hard Conversations

Your people will build confidence in their ability to handle difficult conversations well. Healthy confrontation healthy team.


Time: 70-minute Seminar Workshop*

Cost: $350

Manage Stress and Anxiety

Your people will target three areas that will enable them to gain better control of their life professionally and personally. Manage stress increase productivity.



Time: 70-minute Seminar Workshop*

Cost: $350

Strengthen Team Dynamics

Your people will grow in their understanding of how they and their coworkers are wired, pinpoint vulnerable areas that breed conflict, and improve collaboration. Reduce tension reinforce cooperation. 


Time: 70-minute Seminar Workshop*

Cost: $350

*Workshops include more discussion and exercises to practice the information.


These Follow-up Packages provide additional learning opportunities to keep your team engaged in the seminar topic and offer continued overall growth for your team.

Self-Training Packet

The Self-Training Packet includes:

  • Notes from the seminar with additional Discussion Questions to follow up with your team.

  • Beneficial ways to utilize the notes with your team.

  • Additional resources for leaders to use in one on one or team meetings to continue the application of the topic. 

Cost: $100

Coaching Package

The Coaching Package includes 12-coaching sessions that can be used by one person or can be shared between a maximum of two people for individual coaching to strengthen their leadership in particular areas of growth.

Cost: $1,800

All-Inclusive Package

The All-Inclusive package includes a combination of seminars, follow-up packages, and coaching to maximize your team’s success with implementation.

  • Your choice of two seminars.

  • Coinciding Seminar Self-Training Packets

  • 42-coaching sessions that can be shared with up to a maximum of six people for individual coaching to strengthen their leadership in particular areas of growth.

 Cost: $7000

"We have to keep learning, growing, developing as leaders and taking responsibility for being the change we want to see in the world."

- John Maxwell

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