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Invite Janae to Inspire Your People

Janae is passionate about helping others thrive. From challenging professionals on how to bring their best in the workplace to using her knowledge of God's Word to empower groups with their day-to-day life, your people will benefit from Janae's engaging teaching style. 

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  • Developing an Attitude of Professionalism – Your people, whether veterans or young and inexperienced, will learn to embrace an attitude of professionalism that will bolster your team’s culture and benefit your customers. Great attitude, great culture.

  • Manage Stress and Anxiety - Your people will target areas that will enable them to gain better control of their life professionally and personally. Manage stress, and increase productivity.

  • How to Have Hard Conversations – Your people will build confidence in their ability to handle difficult conversations well. Healthy confrontation, healthy team.

  • Strengthen Team Dynamics – Your people will grow in their understanding of how they and their coworkers are wired, pinpoint vulnerable areas that breed conflict, and improve collaboration. Reduce tension, and reinforce cooperation.

Contact Janae today for pricing and options that will best meet the needs of your people.


  • Fight for your Faith – Your people will learn Biblical principles that will equip them to combat the daily barrage of negative thoughts, waves of doubt, and stand strong through difficult circumstances.

  • You Can’t Tell Me Who I Am – Your people will be empowered through God’s Word to step away from the image the world insists they wear and step into the image God has instilled in them to bear.

  • Taming Your Tongue Yet Finding Your Voice – Your people will grow in their understanding of what the Bible says about our words, the important role our voice has, and when to hold back or speak up.

  • The Bible User Friendly – Your people will experience the living active Word of God by learning ways to engage His promises and understand their meaning without a Bible degree.

  • Exegetical – Empower, encourage, and equip your people through a deeper study of a particular set of scripture.

Janae can use the above themes or design a focus around the needs of your group.


Contact Janae today and allow God to use her to inspire your people.

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