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Invite Janae to Inspire Your People

Janae is passionate about helping others thrive. From challenging professionals on how to bring their best in the workplace to using her knowledge of God's Word to empower groups with their day-to-day life, your people will benefit from Janae's engaging teaching style. 

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  • Manage Stress and Anxiety - Your people will target areas that will enable them to gain better control of their lives professionally and personally. Manage stress, and increase productivity.

  • How to Have Hard Conversations – Your people will build confidence in handling difficult conversations well. Healthy confrontation, healthy team.

  • Tackling Boundaries – Your people will discover which of the three main areas they struggle most and learn strategies to grow in their ability to set boundaries. Strong boundaries, stronger team.

  • Developing an Attitude of Professionalism – Your people, whether veterans or young and inexperienced, will learn to embrace an attitude of professionalism that will bolster your team’s culture and benefit your customers. Great attitude, great culture.

Janae can use the above topics or design a focus around the needs of your group. Contact Janae for scheduling and pricing. 


  • Hearing God – Learn how to hear from God better and navigate questions like: In what ways does God speak to us? How do I know it is God's voice? What do I do when God is silent?

  • Allowing Our Purpose To Set Our Pace – Do you want to slow down, but don’t know how? The speed at which we live is draining our souls. Your people will learn how, when our purpose drives us daily, our souls have more room to breathe and catch up so we can live from an overflow.

  • Know Who You Follow – Do you feel like God is distant or looks down from above disapprovingly? Looking at the names and characteristics of God is the first step, but to truly know God, we must believe He is who He says He is.

  • Studying the Bible Without A Degree – Experience the living active Word of God by learning ways to engage His promises and understand their meaning without a Bible degree.

  • Exegetical – Empower, encourage, and equip your people through a deeper study of a particular set of scripture.

Janae can use the above themes or design a focus around the needs of your group. All teaching would be Biblically based.


Contact Janae today for scheduling and pricing.

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