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What others are saying about Janae's coaching

Titles are representative of the role the client was in at the time of being coached.

Glenn Jordan

Chick-fil-A Operator

"I count on Janae to help me ensure that the leadership of my two stores continues to grow and to provide them with accountability for their goals.


Janae has been essential in developing our rookie leaders in areas of organization, running meetings, hard conversations, time management, decision-making, stress/anxiety, and overall confidence.


If your leadership team could use a turbocharge that will impact your organization overall, then Janae is your Coach."

Christina Russell

Noonday Ambassador &
Women's Ministry Director

"Janae's coaching helped me take a step back, flesh out the minutia, and prioritize my tasks so I am not overwhelmed. Her professional curiosity and action steps caused me to re-evaluate one of my most significant commitments and purpose, leading to a professional change.

I appreciated, at my request, her being able to integrate faith into each session through biblical wisdom and prayer. She truly has a gift for seeing the bigger picture, noticing gaps and weaknesses, and leading with questions and practical tips. Janae is the perfect balance of encouragement and accountability. 


Janae has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth, and I highly recommend her."

Briana McIntyre

Executive Manager
Chick-fil-A for two 

“Janae helped me set boundaries in my personal and professional life by tightening my time management. She has helped me strengthen my ability and confidence in having hard conversations.

Having a sounding board outside of the workplace has been invaluable to me as I navigate difficult decisions, lead the stores toward their goals, and deal with a myriad of issues. 


I utilize Janae’s coaching tips with my teams and with my family. Everyone wins!"

Leiah McEver

Executive Assistant & 

Care Giver

In my experience, counseling and coaching worked well together. In counseling, I worked on the deeper roots and whys. In coaching, I worked on practical steps to take and have someone to hold me accountable.


I used to believe that coaching was only for the wealthy, but now I see how everyone can benefit from it.


Janae has helped me make strides in areas of my life that I thought were not impossible. She is encouraging, and I consider my sessions with her as one of my happy places!


Everyone needs a coach!

Jason Brumbelow

Assistant General Manager


"I began to see results from  Janae's coaching within a few sessions. She helped me run better meetings and grow stronger overall with my leadership abilities.


Managing my emotions was the main area I wanted to grow in. Janae helped me to identify triggers that set me off and gain new skills to respond more effectively. Growing in my emotional intelligence not only benefited the team members but in all my relationships."

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