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Honduras Journal-Day5-Extraordinary!

Cold showers never felt so good, yesterday when we got back from working all day on the coffee farm.  It was what I now refer to as a hokey pokey style shower.  Stick your right leg in, you pull your right leg out….you get the picture.  A lot of the team grabbed their soap and shampoo and headed for the river for a actual Honduran bath!  Hokey Pokey style worked for me!

After showers and supper, we prepared for the worship service for the people who returned last night.  Natalie, Christina and Drew led worship songs all in Spanish.  Several team members helped out with hand motions to go along with some of the songs.  Carlos gave his testimony.  Several of us were in the Lighthouse drama.  There were no speaking parts, it was all done to the song in Spanish.  Then Matt Clippard shared his testimony/preached.  Diego was our translator.  It was incredible that a bunch of English speaking Gringos pulled off an entire service without the help of missionaries.  I think they enjoyed the break.

No one thought our trip could get any better, but it has. Sour attitudes from, as Silas described it, a “creepy” place to sleep quickly went away once we realized we survived and were immersed in our labors.  As we went to bed last night, instead of obsessing over killing spiders and the thought of what might crawl in through the window, we laughed at ourselves and celebrated the awesome things of the day and evening.  Not one complaint or sound of grumbling! (Secretly I know we were all thinking the same thing though, it’s just one more night!)

I woke up this morning less stiff than the night before.  I would like to think it was a result of my belief in Psalm 4:11, but in reality it was probably out of utter exhaustion.  I was surprised that I made it through a second night without me and my mattress sinking through to the floor.

The cook made homemade doughnuts for breakfast this morning. Doughnuts are one of my favorites and rare indulgences.  Apparently doughnuts are a favorite of Hondurans as well.  A sweet way to start the day!

We walked down to the soccer field and the trucks went to pick the school kids up.  Because of the good working relationship between the church and the community the school let us have the kids for a few hours.  There were four teachers and about 150 kids ranging from 6 years old to 14 years of age.  The Children’s team did for a second time their program of songs, interactive bible story, games, craft and soccer!  The Children’s team lead and the rest of us jumped in wherever we were needed.

The kids and teachers absolutely were thrilled with the morning and it blessed us as well.  Once again the Beanie Babies were a hit and the children loved having a personal picture to go with the frame they had made.  Our time in Sampedrana came to an end with lunch.  Then we packed up, loaded up and headed back to Teguc.  This time we were the ones coming down the mountain and the oncoming truck we met on the single lane road had to stop, back up and move over.  The ones going down the mountain apparently have the right away.

We made it back to the mission safely!  It was a quick unload as we all had warm showers on our minds!  After five days of serving morning, afternoon and night Felipe and Valerie and Tony surprised us with our dinner plans.  We went into the city for some American/Honduran style pizza.  As much as I have enjoyed the Honduran food, the simple cheese pizza the Camp family ordered hit the spot.  For that one moment in my life, pizza became a comfort food!

Most mornings for a brief time after breakfast, the group would gather for a devotion led by one of the families, receive a few instructions and then off we would go.  In the evenings at some point after dinner we would spend time as a group sharing and talking about the day’s experience.  We would discuss in our families then share in the large group.  This became a special time of growing together and encouraging one another within our families as well as for the entire group.  Tonight after our pizza excursion, back at the mission house we debriefed with Felipe about Sampedrana.

He was thrilled at what was achieved.  Groups go to Sampedrana about six times a year.  Of those six times groups usually drive up for the day and drive back at night.  Occasionally, once or twice a year a group will stays one night.  Because we stayed two nights, we were able to accomplish a lot more.  Our time there sparked a dream within some of the group to return solely for Sampedrana.  The goal would be to raise money for supplies to go back and improve the sleeping accommodations so that groups would be more inclined to stay longer.  If they stay longer, more ministries can be accomplished.  This also was an exciting proposal for Felipe.

A potential sour spot in our mission trip became a highlight. What an incredible experience we have had thus far!  It truly has been extraordinary!

Thankful to God for:

  1. The receptivity of the people to our Gringo led worship service last night.

  2. All the hours of prep that went into preparing for the different aspects of the service.  Our team is remarkable.  Thank you God for putting together such an awesome team.  We have been able to arise to the occasion every time!

  3. Thank You for the wonderful time with the precious children of Sampedrana this morning.

  4. Thank You for all the safe travels today!

  5. Thank You for simple things like homemade doughnuts, cheese pizza, a warm shower, screens on windows and a room to sleep in with no bugs.  And electricity!

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